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Schier Company, Inc.

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Affordable Dairy Processing Equipment

We buy and Sell New and Used
Dairy Processing Equipment


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Choose from these Inventory Categories

Accumulating Table, Unscrambler Blender Boiler
Bottle Making Butter Capper
Cheese Cutter Cheese Duo Vat Cheese Finishing Tables
Cheese Making Accessories Cheese Mozzarella & Process Cheese Press
Cheese Vat Cheese Vat Cottage Cheese Vat Enclosed
Chopper,Cutter CIP & Related Tanks Cleaning
COP & Related Tanks Dryer Evaporator
Filler Aseptic Filler Bag or pouch Filler Cup
Filler Gable Top Carton Filler Other Filler Piston
Filler Plastic or Glass Filling,Packaging Heat Exchanger Plate
Heat Exchanger Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Tubular Homogenizer
Homogenizer High Pressure Pump Homogenizer Parts HTST Pasteurizer complete
HTST Pasteurizer parts Ice Cream Ice Cream Freezer
Ice Cream Ingredient Feeder Ice Cream Novelty Ice Cream Soft Serve
Kettle Labeler Liquifier
Mixer Pasteurizer UHT System Pharmaceutical
Pressure Vessel Processor Processor Atmospheric
Processor Pressure Wall Pump Pump Centrifugal
Pump Diaphragm Pump Industrial Pump Positive
Pump Vacuum Reactor RO,UF System
Separators,Clarifiers Shrink Table,cart
Tank Cone Bottom Tank Farm Tank Insulated Horizontal
Tank Insulated Rectangular Tank Insulated Vertical Tank Multicompartment
Tank OTD Tank Other Tank Refrigerated Horizontal
Tank Refrigerated Rectangular Tank Refrigerated Vertical Tank Silo
Tank Single Shell Horizontal Tank Single Shell Rectangular Tank Single Shell Vertical
Tank Sugar Tank Truck Tank Vacuum
Vacuum Sealer

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Schier Company, Inc.

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Founded in 1988 by Gary Schier.

Backed with 28 years of industry experience. Schier Company, Inc. provides quality New and Used Dairy Processing Equipment at affordable prices.


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Inventory Categories

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